Safer Harbor

Helping companies navigate the treacherous waters surrounding IT security and secure product development


Waves crashing on breakwaterWelcome to Safer Harbor.  We believe that in the realm of cybersecurity, there is no truly safe harbor – a place you go to ride out the storm or avoid problems. In the cybersecurity realm, everyone would like to find a set of tools and products that render you and your company “safe” from attack.  If such a suite of tools existed, everyone would use them and we’d all be safe. Unfortunately, if you have something of value, there will be people who decide it’s easier to take what you’ve created.  They have resources you don’t have and new vulnerabilities are discovered every day in the products we use.  That makes their job easier and your job harder. At Safer Harbor, we work with you to improve your security posture.  We help you make your networks, systems and software safer from attack.  That raises the costs of attacking you and makes it more likely that the attackers will move on to easier targets. Security is a journey, not a destination.  We’re here to prepare you for your journey.

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