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Internet of Things – Selected Reading

IoTThis page is a collection of links to articles on topics within the Internet of Things / Internet of Everything.  The page is divided into sub-topics so you can find things you’re interested in quickly and skip the topics that aren’t relevant to you.  If you find an article or paper that you think should be on this page, please leave a comment and I will add the link if I think it fits within the theme.

[Last Update; April 17, 2015]

Featured Article of the Week:

Keeping Your Car Safe from the Bad Guys – the Cavalry is Here,news-20723.html

IoT General

  1. A Beginner’s Guide to the Internet of Things
  2. Is the Internet of Things Strategic to the Enterprise – lots of thoughts on network effect, few winners in each market, enterprise vs. consumer IoT
  3. Thingful – Search Engine for the Internet of Things
  4. 3 Hurdles Standing in the Way of the Internet of Things
  5. New Business Models for Making the IoT Real (Entitlement, Licensing)
  6. Over 1B IoT Devices in Enterprises
  7. Start Small, Think Big: State of The IoT 2015 – Verizon Business
  8. The 12 Most Powerful IoT Companies (a subjective list of mostly big companies)


IoT Standards Groups

Internet of Things Standards Groups

“The nice things about standards is there are so many to choose from.” – Andy Tanenbaum

Group Sponsor Org/Company Key Members
AllSeen Alliance Linux Foundation Sony, Microsoft, LG Electronics, Panasonic, Sharp, Haier, Qualcomm Connected Experiences (AllJoyn)
HomeKit Apple TBD…
Industrial Internet Consortium AT&T, Cisco, GE, IBM, Intel ABB, Blackberry, Dell, EMC, Fujitsu, HP, Hitachi, Huawei, Microsoft, Mitsubishi Electric, NEC, Samsung, SAP, Siemens, Symantec, TIA, Toshiba, Toyota, Tyco, UL, …
Open Interconnect Consortium (OIC) Intel, Dell, Samsung Cisco, Acer, Mediatek, SmartThings (Samsung), GE Software,
Thread Nest / Google ARM, Samsung, Freescale, Google/Nest, Silicon Labs, Tyco, UL, Whirlpool, Yale


AllSeen Alliance


Industrial Internet Consortium

Open Interconnect Consortium

Thread Group


Non-Technical / Policy Issues

  1. Obsolescence and the IoT
  2. Where Will the Critical Infrastructure Industry Find People to Deploy, Operate and Troubleshoot Their Systems (Education)
  3. The Importance of Effective Information Sharing

General Security

  3. (thing-to-thing security, Object Management Group, DDS protocol w/security)
  7. (Troy Hunt’s overview of the bash bug that impacts not just web sites but many home and industrial “Things” due to the use of Linux and its default shell, bash.)
  10. Security Protocols in Constrained Environments –
  11. Security – are we already too late?
  12. Hacked Home Routers used for DDoS-as-a-service
  13. Visibility is critical to securing the IoT
  14. HBR – Security in the Internet of Things
  15. Security Ledger: The Enduring Terribleness of Home Router Security
  16. Security is a Must for the Internet of Things – U.S. FTC Commissioner
  17. Network Segmentation is Critical for Internet of Things
  18. World Economic Forum – Cisco – Security, IoE and Trust
  19. Grow Up and Do Something – We Can’t Help You if You Don’t Help Yourself


Industrial Internet / Operational Things (Power / Water / Aircraft / Manufacturing /…)

  1.  (A $15 trillion dream of GE-Silicon Valley hybrid)
  2. (Internet of Things show)
  4. (MIT Technology Review)
  5. Low-power networks for the IoT (LPWAN, LoRaWAN)
  6. IoT for the Farm – sensors as simple as a light bulb
  7. ARM, Freescale and IBM Partner on Platform for IoT
  8. HP IoT Platform Targets Utilities – Smart Meters
  9. Tempered Networks Secures Critical Infrastructure
  10. Era 4.0: The Scary Age of Automated Networks.


Connected Cars

  1. Hack a Car
  2. Auto Makers Need to Embrace Security and Software Patching
  3. Tesla Invites Hackers
  4. Progressive Insurance Dongle implements no Security—threats/security-mia-in-car-insurance-dongle/d/d-id/1318644?
  5. Hacking a car from 3,000 miles (6,600 km) away (video)
  6. Car Hacked on ’60 Minutes’
  7. I Am The Cavalry – Five Star Automotive Cyber Security Framework
  8. Keeping Your Car Safe from the Bad Guys – the Cavalry is Here,news-20723.html


Connected Home

  1. (Unpatchable devices)
  2. (hacking cameras)
  3. (about access to cheap data)
  6. Influences for Smart Home/IoT, Privacy
  7. An Internet of Treacherous Things
  8. When it Comes to Smart Home Security, Cameras are the Worst
  9. A Lightbulb DoS’d My Smart House
  10. The Nightmare on Connected Home Street
  11. Google Patent – Home Security Ratings and Neighborhood Networks
  12. How to Keep Your Smart Home Safe


Development Challenges (People / Software / Tools)

  2. (Contiki – small footprint OS for IoT devices)
  7. (Developers need to look beyond the requirements for IoT software to find the Aha! ideas that will make Things really valuable, not just incremental)
  8. Who pays for bad code?
  9. What the Internet of Things Means to Business App Developers
  10. Wolfram Data Store for IoT
  11. Our Brains Shut Down When We See Security Prompts


  1. Privacy policies for Smart TVs – caveat emptor
  2. Data Privacy in IoT isn’t Dead – Just Different
  3. 2015 CES presentation by US FTC Chairwoman Edith Ramirez on IoT and Privacy
  4. Who should own your data?  You should!  Don’t let your data end up in the Hotel California… (too late)
  5. IoT, the Home and the Changing Supply Chain – Who Will Deliver Value?
  6. The Intimacy of Things – At what layer do you build privacy into Things?
  7. Welcome to Privacy Hell – Otherwise Known as the Internet of Things

IoT Companies


IoT Careers / Jobs


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